A guide to caring for your church, all year round


Autumn has crept into the picture. The nights are drawing in and you’re digging your woollies out from under the bed. Now’s the time to prepare for the colder nights ahead and the orange-hued downpour of leaves from nearby trees. Be sure to cut back any branches from trees situated close to your church so leaves don’t get caught up in your guttering.

Winter brings with it the threat of snow, frost, harsh weather conditions and cold temperatures. Sub-zero temperatures can result in frozen drainpipes, weathering damage and inhospitable temperatures for your clergy and congregation. To prepare against this, check the boiler to ensure your thermostat is working, take note of furnace filters and have your heating system serviced in advance.

Ensure you have an adequate supply of grit handy for those frosty days. You should check your paths for cracks every 3-5 years and fill them to avoid further damage.


Winter has blown in and the appeal of sitting in your home with a mug of tea in front of a roaring fire is strong – but first, there’s work to do.

Following the fallen leaves of autumn, begin the winter season by clearing all your guttering, downspouts and drains of mulch to avoid blockage and put adequate insulation in place to protect against severe frost.  If the temperatures get seriously low, turn any interior faucets to a slow drip to reduce the chance of frozen pipes.

After a snowfall, it’s best to check your roof tiles to ensure none of them have slipped or are in danger of doing so.


The season of new life is upon you, the sun has started to poke its head out and daffodils are popping up in your churchyard. Now is the time to check for any residual frost damage from winter and if any has occurred, contact your surveyor and your insurance provider to check if any damage is covered.

After your annual maintenance meeting, choose what maintenance is required for your building and decide whether fundraising efforts are necessary. This gives you sufficient time to plan any events for the summer.

Conduct a spring clean of your church and neaten the yard, ready for the summer season to commence.


Hurrah! Summer is here. The sun is out (hopefully) so you will need to ensure your church is adequately ventilated to ensure your congregation is comfortable. Keep your eye out for bugs such as woodworm or deathwatch beetles on your exposed woodwork, and check for any fungus or dry rot.

You can then enjoy the summer, whilst keeping a check of general maintenance. Prepare for autumn by testing your boiler, replacing any broken bulbs and decide if your organ needs a retune.

We hope this has helped you form a plan over the year to keep your church in ship-shape condition. If you’re looking for church insurance or want to talk about your current plan, contact the specialist team of Chartered brokers at Hine on 0161 438 0000.

Andy Guy
Andy Guy

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