The Importance Of Being Chartered

Why choose an insurance broker with the Chartered badge?

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In contrast to the highly regulated finance industry, standards can vary wildly from one insurance firm to another. But there’s an easy way to tell whether an insurance broker is experienced in their field and qualified at an advanced level – simply check they’ve been awarded Chartered status by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

When you see the Chartered badge, it tells you that a broker has committed to achieving an advanced level of knowledge and competence through professional qualifications. They’ve also pledged to keep their knowledge and skills up to date through continuing professional development. And they’re committed to putting their clients’ interests first, with core values, business practices and a diversity and inclusion policy that align with a code of ethics set out by the CII.

Regarded as the ultimate symbol of professionalism and integrity, Chartered status is only awarded to firms that meet the CII’s rigorous criteria. As well as being a benchmark for knowledge, competence and ethical behaviour, it’s also an indication that a firm is aspirational, and always striving to improve the service it offers its clients.

The Chartered Insurance Institute has been entrusted with raising standards in the insurance and personal finance sectors since 1912. Hine was one of the first firms to be awarded corporate Chartered status in 2010; now more than 900 companies proudly display the Chartered badge, a welcome sign that standards in our industry are improving.

insurance agency in didsbury manchester

Hine’s Managing Director, Paul Hine, also holds the individual Chartered Insurance Broker title. He believes that the Chartered badge provides the reassurance clients are looking for when they choose a broker.

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