Doctors & surgeons top car crash league table

According to research by, nine of the ten occupations that cause the most accidents are medical workers with doctors & surgeons being nearly 100 times more likely to cause an “at fault” accident than a building society clerk.

For every 1,000 surgeons who drive a car, 361 have made an “at fault” claim in the last 5 years – this compares to 4 “at fault” claims for building society workers.

The top ten is dominated by stressful occupations and the worst offenders are as follows:

Profession Claims per 1,000 drivers
Surgeon 361
General Practitioner 333
Health Visitor 315
Hospital Consultant 296
Clinical Psychologist 282
Psychotherapist 270
Probation Officer 268
District Nurse 266
Dental Surgeon 263
Community Nurse 261

At the other end of the spectrum, the occupations registering the fewest “at fault” claims are as follows:

Profession Claims per 1,000 drivers
Building Society Clerk 4
Order Clerk 15
Audit Clerk 28
Funfair Worker 31
Wages Clerk 34
Typist 35
Car Wash Attendant 53
Abbatoir Worker 54
Packer 56
Picker 60
Andy Guy
Andy Guy

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