Don’t let the Whiplash Reforms increase your premiums

The recent Whiplash Reform changes have reduced the window of time for establishing liability following a motor incident so letting us know about an incident as soon as possible is now more important than ever. You can read a summary of the changes here.

The importance of reporting

We know that some clients may not understand the importance of notifying us and may not see how failing to do so in a timely fashion could impact their business. Many could have company policies or procedures in place which could delay the reporting of incidents – for example:

  • Minor incidents aren’t reported if the business owner doesn’t plan on making a claim
  • All incidents are reported via head office or via the transport/health and safety manager first

This means days or weeks may pass before we are informed an incident has taken place and this immediately puts your insurer on the backfoot.

Aviva have developed a video to explain how delayed notification times can dramatically push up the cost of the claim – and ultimately affect your premiums and operating costs in the future:

How to ensure claims are notified promptly

The easiest way to ensure that claims are notified promptly is to download and register for our free Claims Made Easy app – this enables claims to be notified 24 hours per day/7 days per week:

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Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can view guides on how to register here:

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