Embrace the power of social media and grow your business

Communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ were unheard of less than a decade ago, yet social media (the collective name for all these channels) is a vital communication and education tool for businesses today.

Whether it’s communicating directly with individuals or other companies, social media is a cost-effective and simple way to retain existing clients and win new ones.

Show customers your softer side

Some of the most successful users of social media are the ones that know their markets and use the social media tools at their disposal to get their brand out there and assure customers that they matter – rather than attempting to sell their products or services.

Twitter, for example, is a great way for businesses to demonstrate the support available to customers by showing them that you are listening and are on hand if needs be.

On Facebook, the trick is to focus most of your activity on lighthearted and fun things such as what you are doing for charity. That way, you can show the more human side of the business – and that’s what your customers will warm to.

Ultimately of course, your Twitter followers or visitors to your Facebook page will then go to your website to find out about the products and services you offer – it’s just a less aggressive and more effective way to get people there.

Boost your business-to-business communication

As well as being a valuable networking and recruitment tool, LinkedIn can also be a powerful tool for staying in touch with business consumers and developing new contacts. For example, if you are working on an account but you are not sure who the actual decision-maker is, LinkedIn is a quick and simple way to find the right person.

LinkedIn can also be a great way to keep your company at the front of people’s minds. By posting regular, well-written and informative posts that are relevant to the people in your network, they may be more likely to recommend you to colleagues that you are not currently connected with.

Ensure your social media presence is on the right track

Once you have recognised the value that social media can bring to your business, it’s important to get your social media presence right, or risk alienating your audience right from the start. Here are a few hints and tips to get you on the right track:

  • Use hashtags: Think about the hashtags that you can follow and contribute to on Twitter. The most relevant hashtags will obviously depend on the nature of your business, but also consider piggy-backing on other, high profile events and joining existing conversations.
  • Make the most of visuals and images: The intelligent use of visuals and images can dramatically improve engagement, so make sure you make the most of opportunities available – and change your visuals to reflect current activities and promotions.
  • Run promotions: promote reductions on popular items to entice potential customers away from your competitors.
  • Monitor your presence: Constantly monitor your social media presence and ensure you have the right level of resource available to deal with customer enquiries. Trusted employees could access your social networks on their mobiles and keep in touch with customers.
  • Schedule posts: If possible, compose posts in advance and set the time and date on which they will be published.

Stay in touch

At Hine, we recognise the importance of social media and the fact that it is here to stay.

That’s why – in addition to the continued use of more traditional forms of communication – we would like to invite our customers to keep in touch with us using the social media channels below:


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Good luck – and see you in cyber-space!

Andy Guy
Andy Guy

Hi there! I'm Andy, I'm the Head of Charity and Faith Insurance at Hine Insurance with over 30 years experience.

In my spare time, I'm a trustee of a church and I enjoy walking and getting to grips with the garden.

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