Protection for your key employees

Employees are one of the key assets of any business but imagine if one of your employees became injured and is unable to work for months – if ever again. In such a situation you may feel obligated to continue paying the employee so that they don’t suffer financial hardship while they’re recovering. Furthermore, if one of your key employees is affected, you may suffer loss of business.

A group personal accident policy can take this burden away from your payroll whilst continuing to pay the injured employee. Policy benefits and entitlements may include:

  • Payment on a weekly basis for loss of income due to accidental injury
  • Lump sum payments for death and permanent disability arising from an accident
  • The option of cover on a 24 hour basis or limited to working hours only
  • Losses insured for up to 104 weeks after the accident or illness

Case Studies

  1. An employee of one of our clients was struck by a fork lift truck whilst at work suffering a complicated break to his leg. The client’s group personal accident policy paid 75% of his wages for over 18 months
  2. A director and staff member of a family-owned business suffered a fatal accident at work. The group personal accident policy provided a substantial lump sum to the company and family; covered the funeral expenses and counselling services and assisted in the avoidance of an employers’ liability claim against the company

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Andy Guy

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