Wedding photographers – For better or for worse…

Wedding photographers are under a lot of pressure to capture a couple’s special day. Ultimately, your job can’t be redone if the lighting is off or your taxi is delayed. If you miss the first kiss between the happy couple, drop the camera during dad’s moving speech or run out of battery as the first dance starts up, you might have problems later on down the line. We take a look at what can happen when dissatisfied customers fought back.

Beware of the body snatcher
A disappointed couple were sent 400 photos of their big day by their photographer, complete with multiple images featuring all of their guests. But they were missing a very crucial body part, namely, their heads. They also included inattentive invitees and multiple bizarre close-ups of vehicles. The photographer threw in some shaky video footage as an added extra, including rousing scenes of him dropping the camera during the ceremony and swearing. To add insult to injury, of the 22 photos they did approve, they still have not received the album over a year after the event.

Court settlement:  £1,220.00

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride…
Following their perfect wedding day, a couple from Cheshire were given a bit more than they bargained for when they received their wedding photos. The photographer had taken far more pictures of the bridesmaids than the bride and groom combined, none of the bride’s in-laws and only one of her parents. On the day itself, the photographer turned up late and did not send an album following the event, as he closed his photography business shortly after.

Court Settlement: £601.00

It’s all about my-selfie
A couple claimed they hired the ‘photographer from hell’ when their student photographer turned up 45 minutes late and then proceeded to take multiple selfies at the reception, rather than focusing on the guests or the happy couple. She then persuaded the bride to traipse through a wood full of muddy puddles in her wedding dress to get some snaps with her and her bridesmaids, leaving her mobility-impaired husband left to entertain himself. She proceeded to take more selfies in the in-house photo booth for the remainder of the night.  The couple were presented with just 15 photographs of their day.

Court Settlement: £605.00

Stealing from social media
After claiming her memory card was corrupted, a photographer left a couple furious due to presenting them with images taken from her friends and family’s Facebook accounts, attempting to pass them off as her own. In some of the images, the photographer had even cropped herself out kneeling in the corner of the image.  The couple argued that the photographs they did receive were dark, poor quality and unflattering. The bride was devastated and claims the photographer ruined her big day.

Court Settlement: £1,039.50

With this in mind, if you’re considering branching out into wedding photography or are already running a successful wedding photography business, make sure that you’re covered in the event that something goes wrong. The Chartered brokers at Hine can cover you against liability claims so you’re not left out of pocket – call us today on 0161 438 0000.

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