Is your hotel geared up for weddings?

Improve the reception-appeal of your establishment and you could see a handsome profit all year round.

Getting noticed

Advertising – Unless your hotel is on the couple’s radar, it could be completely missed off the initial venue search if you don’t put yourself out there. There are a handful of prominent UK venue listing websites which let visitors browse by area and venue type. Give yourself a better chance of being found in the first place by looking into whether such websites are for you.

Website – Speaking of websites, do you have an area on yours which is dedicated to weddings? Actively promoting this service on your website will give confidence to those looking into your hotel that you and your staff know what they’re doing.

Sparking interest

Gallery – Showcase any successful weddings you’ve hosted in the past with beautifully shot photographs of weddings in full swing, while also showing off different spaces and photo opportunities.

If you haven’t hosted weddings in the past, it’s worth taking photos of example set-ups, with chairs in the proposed ceremony room and tables in reception rooms.

Options – Some couples will want everything done for them, others might prefer to take the reins on a few aspects. Weddings also vary hugely in size, so the more versatile you are with your packages, the more enquiries you’re likely to get. Have a few tariffs available, but then specify that you’re open to negotiations on certain aspects of the day, if this is feasible.

Getting it right

Booking – It may only take something small to break the fragile excitement that comes with wedding planning. Start off on the right foot by making booking straightforward. Explain all the terms and payment deadlines so that everyone’s clear on what needs settling when, and be sure to make someone available to take a booking at all times during working hours. If booking enquiries are not followed up, the couple may soon look elsewhere.

Attention – It may be the 1000th wedding you’ve done or the 1st. Don’t let the “routine” show by making sure that all staff working on the day are engaged and friendly. Little extras such as a surprise free spa access for the bride the night before and a glass of whisky for the groom before the ceremony will make the world of difference to the couple.

They in turn are likely to share this positive experience with others, and will be more likely to return to your hotel in the future. Get it right, and you could create loyal customers for life.

Cover yourself
If you’re thinking of opening your doors to weddings for the first time, check with your insurer that you’re covered under your hotel insurance policy – contact the Chartered insurance brokers at Hine on 0161 438 0000 for advice.

Andy Guy
Andy Guy

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